SafeFirst - Digital Risk Assessment System

Digital Risk Assessment System

The safety and risk assessment system offers a practical approach to daily work tasks, with the advantage of enhancing and promoting the safety culture at your site.

Transform your safety Culture

A Digital Approach

Creates a cost effective, easy to use system promoting safety as a daily part of the culture in the workplace

System Features

A safety program at your fingertips wherever you are, mobile, desktop & tablet compatible. Numerous easy to use features

Reporting Dashboards

Want data driven decision making? Immediate access to forms and an aggregated centralised database enabling real time reporting and reducing the risk of a safety incident

“SafeFirst is a digital transformation initiative to safety and risk assessment system and a practical approach in daily work task, that enhances your site safety culture. This system is consistent with safety strategies in mining and an important step forward to keeping people and their work environment safer” 

Digital Risk Assessment

  • Our primary purpose is to enable and enhance your safety culture
  • Bring accountability and visibility to safety management
  • Promote effective risk management

Vehicle Pre-start check

Pre-start vehicle checks ensure that all applicable vehicles are properly checked and inspected before use – which dramatically reduces the chances of any avoidable safety or operational issues arising during and post vehicle use-

Monitor in Real time

Monitor in real time, whether risk assessments are being completed and to respond quickly to hazards, near-miss, incidents or disciplinary actions happening on site.

Increases accountability to your supervisors and sub-contractors
Maintain a higher standard of safety

Smart Reporting System

An intuitive  reporting system identifying key risk, hazards and track activities that may compromise site safety.

  • Customised Reporting
  • Customised Dashboards

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