Purpose built Data Platform

Many operations have manual paper base safety practices and burdensome manual bulk commodity tracking and reporting methods.

Digital transformation of safety process and materials movement augments visibility and real-time reporting, integrating streamline processes and simple innovative technology for operations.

Matrix HPC have developed dynamic business platforms that underpin and support your digital transformation strategies across your operations improving site safety and productivity

Matrix HPC Platform contains the underlying architecture and is the foundation of our business and its applications.

The Platform:

Matrix HPC can facilitate data collection, processing & reporting to help your business meet objectives and drive considered positive change & management 

  The Architecture

  The Stack

  The Integration

SmartSite Platform

SmartSite Platform allows for customised data collection with embedded function processing including smart logic. The platform provides inventory and quality tracking data, including partitional segregation to view quality deviation across a body of bulk products.

The SmartSite modules:

These modules will enable your organisation to adopt the following capabilities:

  • Industrial Automation – use of devices, computers, robots and information technologies to control different processes and machinery and removing unexpected outcomes due to human input.
  • Industrial IoT / Smart Industry – interconnected sensors, instruments and devices, used with industrial computer applications improving operating efficiencies.
  • Digital Twinning / Digitization – creation of a digital counterpart of physical equipment, providing a live model of the physical environment.
  • Cloud – delivery of computing services over the internet for faster innovation, flexibility and scalability.

SmartSite is a commodity management package which contains various applications from managed commodities through various phases of the supply chain. 

Applications have been developed to control sequences of equipment or processes within a facility as well as inventory management capabilities, including creations of a digital twin for 3D stacked storages.

Smartsite solves the following challenges:

  • Lacking the fine details of the product/s in stock
  • Inability to produce detailed reports of the location of product on product piles
  • Difficulty in verifying the actual product make up on product piles
  • Lack of intelligence on the effectiveness / efficiency of product movement
  • Gaining a real-time view of loaded product piles

SafeFirst Platform

SafeFirst is a digital transformation system which allows for customised data collection applications with inbuilt function processing and smart logic to provide valuable insights

This includes various
Safety applications such as:

  • Risk Assessments 
  • JSA’s
  • Vehicle pre-starts 
  • Back-office paper base documents 

These applications are fully customisable
and the platform enables

  • Mimicking of existing business processes
  • Digitisation with minimal change management
  • Optional approval workflows
  • Consolidated reporting and dashboards 
  • API connectivity and data warehousing

The SafeFirst Platform helps to reduce the barriers to your digital transformation initiatives:

  • Any paper-based form or re-usable spreadsheets can be added as a new Module and made available to only the users that need access.
  • Existing forms are digitized to provide your users with the same look and feel, reducing organizational change and management impacts.
  • Using Agile practices, the Matrix HPC development team can implement a new Module in days, not weeks or months, keeping the costs of implementation down and lowering the time to value.

How can our 'Platform' solutions help your business?